March 10, 2013 Sunday Surprise

Hey Guys!

Yesterday was Fun Day Sunday…. and we had a blast. We gave some hats away and took the day off to “play”. I sure needed it. Noctambulantjoycean bounced me 4 times ! The night ended with text debate and you guys sharing your favorite tunes with us. Rapture played Barry White…… he SAID > for the women (wink wink). Fancy Guppy played “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” ; Human Evolution and Knight of Bawa played a few for us too. JesusLovesEvolution played the theme from Beverly Hills Cop and that infamous Jim Carrey clip I like so much. That was cool. And then there was the dot war between Rap and Grainy…. too funny !! We may do Fun Day again on a monthly basis, if you guys want to. Let us know here on the blog.

Be sure to join us on FRIDAYS for cam night. It’s nice to put a face with a voice… Thank you Dan, Hal, Sexy and Scum for participating. We have enjoyed seeing you. See ya !


Faith in Humanity